Here’s why you’ll just love your Ferrici.
Ever since we started out making leather bags our designers had one thing in mind. You. A woman with a mind of her own. And, let’s be honest, lots and lots of women’s needs. So, inside your Ferrici you’ll find all those nice little details that make a girl’s life sooo much easier. Your bag is your life right? There’s a place for everything a modern day woman like you needs to have on board - and we do mean everything. As for the outside, let’s talk leather. Genuine leather of course. We prefer the real stuff: beautiful leather of the best quality. Carefully tanned and treated to give you the perfect look. Just give it a feel. Or a hug. Leather is a living thing, just like you. Care will make it last a lifetime. Designwise, your Ferrici will stand out for it’s timelessness and being up to date at the same time. That’s called class.
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